My little friends, we are learning and blooming at Taichung Municipal Jian Xing Elementary School; how do we understand our school? No mater you are new here or you have been here for a while; we all belong to Jain Xing. As members of this big family, we have to get a good insight about our environments ? the geographical location, the history, and the prospect of our school. Now, let's get to know our big family!



Jian Xing Elementary School is located in the north district of Taichng at the intersection of Da Ya Rood and Jian Xing Road. Its front gate is facing south. Before 1957, the land of this school was covered by the combination of bamboo and lichee. In the demand of the construction of school, the land was confiscated gradually year by year for the construction of new classrooms. Finally, before the construction of student activity center—Xing Jian Gymnasium, the school land confiscation process was completed. The shape of the campus is a rectangle, measuring 3.0213 acres.



The picture below shows the ancient Taichung Municipal Jian Xing Elementary School.


front gate
classroom building
Jina Xing was founded as a branch of Du Xing Elementary School. Jan. 01, 1959, Jian Xing became an independent school; Mr. Shan-Tou Shi was appointed as the first principal. Jian Xing was truly started from zero; the classrooms increased form a few classrooms to a whole row of building, from a building to two buildings, tile four buildings, Tzu- Jan Building, Tzu-Sam Building, Tzu- May Building, Chi-Wha Building, and the Xing_Jian Gymnasium. The oldest classroom building was abolished. Tzu-Sham Building, which was equipped with an elevator, was builded on the north side of the campus.



Our school is surrounded by old neighborhoods; there are Du Xing, Sin San, and Chung Hwa elementary schools nearby. The number of students increased in the past years. However, the school now becomes a mid-size one, with around 200 students in each grade, which meets the spirit of small school with small-size classes. On average, each student has 23 square meters space, which is quite fortunate.



My little friends, now we have a basic understanding toward our school; let's hands in hands and hearts with hearts to put our best endeavors to establish a caring environment.


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