With the belief of the balanced development of five aspects of education and the virtue of educating people. Our faculty has been educating a group of people who are the mainstream of our society.

全體教職員工生,在五育均衡發展之理念上, 發揮百年樹人的愛心,造就了世世代代社會國家的中堅份子,朝向至真、至善、至美邁進,自強不息。

The highest spiritual symbol of Taichung Municipal Jian Xing Elementary School
【意義】 為台中市北區健行國民小學之最高精神象徵。
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Five pedals of a flower mean the balanced development of five braches of education. A wheel with twelve cleats means twelve months.
五朵 花片 一輪 十二月
The balanced development of five branches of education: virtue, wisdom, physical, gregarious, and beauty We should keep on going tirelessly like the astronomy keeps on moving endlessly!
德智體群美 五育均衡發展 天行健自強不息

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